Thursday, 2 January 2020

Collecting Goals for 2020

Here is my obligatory collecting resolutions for 2020.

1. Finish my 1980 Topps set. I'm sitting at 441 out of 726 for 60.7% completion. I bought graded copies of the Rickey Henderson rookie and the Nolan Ryan card, which are sitting in my COMC account. After that, it's just picking up common stars and the like. I started this set a year ago with the intention of doing a vintage baseball set, and 1980 is the most inexpensive.

2. After completing 1980, I want to move on to 1979 Topps. I don't know if I will complete that one, but I would like to at least pickup the Ozzie Smith rookie. This is a difficult set because of miscut cards and the Ozzie card is more expensive because of that.

3. Grab a Mario Lemieux OPC rookie. I want to keep this purchase under $100. I'm fine with a low grade copy. I have a Gretzky rookie and I would like a rookie of the other greatest player from when I was a kid.

4. Grab a Patrick Roy OPC rookie. I also want to keep this under $100.

5. Kawhi Leonard autographed card from 2018-19, featuring Kawhi pictured with the Raptors. This is an expensive card, I figure around $150. I'd like to get it cheaper than that, and if Kawhi doesn't have much success with the Clippers this year, then the value of his cards ought to decline a bit. I normally dislike sticker autos, but Panini does a million sticker autos and Kawhi hardsigned autos are way more expensive than this.

6. Add a Wayne Gretzky memorabilia card. He has to be pictured with the Oilers and it has to be game used, not a practice jersey or event worn or whatever. I figured about $50 or so here.

7. Add more to my Joe Carter collection. I have most of his major releases up to 1990, so I would like to collect up to 1995, or so. This is really inexpensive since he played through the junk wax era. I'd like to finish most of his worthless cards, and be able to start buying more expensive items after that, perhaps the following year.

8. Add more to my Raptors championship collection. No particular goal here, just keep adding cards from guys who were on last year's team.

9. Add more to my Jays World Series cards. Same deal as the Raptors cards, I'd like to add more to my collection of Jays players from 1992 and 93. I'm particularly interested in autographs.

10. Pickup a starter set or two for vintage hockey. 1979-80 OPC would be a good start since I already have the Gretzky rookie.

I've been curtailing my spending on cards during the past few months, and will keep it that way through the winter. I doubt I will accomplish many of these goals before May.

What are your collecting goals for 2020?


  1. No contenders. No football. Clean up on my Mo Bamba pc.

  2. I've pretty much accepted the fact that I'll never own a Gretzky rookie card, but I'd love to pick up Lemieux and Roy rookies one day. As for the goals... I've got no plans on making any specific ones. But I would like to organize the cards I have a little more.

  3. Like you and Fuji, I'd also like to pick up the Lemieux and Roy rookie cards one day. (I'm pretty close to completing both of those Topps sets.) Aside from that goal, there a few other hockey and baseball sets from the '80s that I'd like to complete.

  4. Good luck! I don't know what options you have around you, but I've relied a lot on Sportslots and CardBarrel for large cheap card orders, like knocking off large numbers of singles for the 1980 set, and Joe Carter junk wax era cards.

    Most of my new goals this year focus on organization, and less on picking up new cards, though I'll do plenty of that too!